The Role of Planning in Talent Acquisition

  • 16 February 2024
  • Nici Jupp at pirkx
  • 3 minutes read

The Role of Planning in Talent Acquisition

When recruiting, it can be easy to quickly jump in feet first. To think about everyday tasks that need to be done, how new hires will fit in with the team, what their office party karaoke song will be; all exciting stuff. However, amongst the flurry of activity, it’s vital to maintain clarity to create a sustainable and repeatable hiring process. That’s why this week, we’re exploring the ‘P’ in PECRO© - Planning! 

When it comes to talent acquisition, the significance of planning cannot be overstated. Crafting a repeatable and healthy recruitment process demands meticulous foresight and strategic thinking. Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, a well-structured recruitment plan sets the foundation for success, ensuring not only the acquisition of the right talent at the right time but also the sustainability and growth of your business. 

Planning provides Clarity and Direction 

First and foremost, planning provides clarity and direction. It enables those involved in the recruitment process to define clear objectives, establish timelines, allocate resources efficiently, and identify potential challenges beforehand. It’s vital to consider your existing team before deciding to hire externally.  Often we jump to replace like for like or assume that we don’t have particular skills or capabilities in the business. This can lead to unnecessary friction.   

Firstly, gain a deep understanding at business, then team level the skills, capabilities and behaviours we need to deliver against our business strategy, Next, embark in rich discussions with our existing team members.  Where do we have gaps, what aspirations do they have for development, what hidden talents might they have that aren’t relevant to their current role but add value in other areas?  There ‘s often hidden gems uncovered through these conversations, resulting in hiring decisions with team collaboration and buy-in.   

Only then can we determine what our external requirements are and how you’ll source, screen, interview, and onboard your new team members.  This clarity ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards a common goal, enhancing overall productivity, engagement and effectiveness. 

Allows Businesses Flexibility 

Moreover, planning empowers businesses to anticipate and adapt to changing market dynamics and talent trends. In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. A well-designed hiring process incorporates gathering rich data insights into our current workforce, emerging technologies, evolving hiring practices and candidate preferences. This proactive approach enables organisations to pivot quickly, capitalise on opportunities, and attract the right talent before their competitors. 

Fostering Engagement 

Furthermore, planning fosters transparency and engagement within the hiring process. Adopting a continuous planning process enables individuals to develop a sense of ownership and the process is ‘done with’ rather than ‘done to’ which is testament to the type of culture within the business.    

Mitigate Risks 

Additionally, planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion practices are embedded into the process.  By gathering a rich data set regarding current teams we can proactively foster a a more inclusive workplace culture. 

In conclusion, planning serves as the bedrock of a repeatable and healthy recruitment process. By providing clarity, foresight, and structure, planning enables organisations to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition with confidence and agility. From setting clear objectives to staying abreast of market trends, fostering accountability, and ensuring compliance, a well-crafted recruitment plan lays the groundwork for long-term success. In a competitive job market where talent is the ultimate differentiator, organizations that prioritize planning are poised to attract, retain, and develop the best talent, driving innovation and growth in the process. So before you start to get your jobs out online, make sure your clear on your plan for action! 

  • Nici Jupp
  • Recruitment Specialist

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