A Nightmare Before Christmas - HR Tips For December

  • 8 December 2023
  • HR Katie X pirkx at pirkx
  • 4 minutes read

A Nightmare Before Christmas - HR Tips For December

With Christmas jumper days starting and office party outfits being picked it may feel as though the hard work for the year has finally passed. However, for HR professionals, those last few weeks of December can actually present more hurdles than any other time of the year, from managing employee time off to fostering a festive workplace culture.

HR Katie agrees with us that “navigating the festive season in HR is no small feat, but with a well-prepared strategy, and these tips below from pirkx, we hope we can help HR professionals jingle all the way through December!”

So, here is our guide to handling HR during Christmas and our way of making sure that you have enough time to choose the perfect secret Santa gift this December in amongst all the chaos. 


Clear Communication:

We all know that communication is key all year round, but this becomes particularly crucial during the holiday season. HR should communicate early and clearly about the company's holiday policies, including time-off procedures, remote work options, and any special events or activities planned. Make sure employees are aware of any changes in office hours or work schedules well in advance to avoid last-minute surprises.


Flexible Holiday Scheduling:

While it may be easy to overlook, it is vital to recognise that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and some employees may have different holiday traditions. Implement flexible scheduling options, such as compressed workweeks or remote work, to accommodate diverse needs. This fosters an inclusive environment and shows that the company values and respects its employees' individual lifestyles.


Employee Recognition:

Use the end of the year as an opportunity to spread holiday some cheer by recognising employees for their hard work throughout the year. This could include holiday bonuses, gift cards, or even a simple heartfelt thank-you note or card. Recognising and appreciating employees during the festive season boosts morale and strengthens the sense of belonging within the organisation.


Handling Holiday Stress:

Although a fun time for many, Christmas can induce different feelings for different people. It is important to acknowledge that the holiday season can be stressful for some employees, particularly those managing personal and family obligations. Provide resources and support, such as stress management workshops or Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), to help employees cope with any challenges they may face during this time.


Emergency Preparedness:

Be prepared for unexpected challenges that may arise during the last month of the year. This includes having contingency plans for key personnel who may need to take time off, ensuring that critical functions are covered, and having a clear communication strategy in case of emergencies.


Reflect and Plan for the Future:

Use the end of the year as a reason to take the time to reflect on the effectiveness of your HR strategies during the year prior. Identify what worked well and areas for improvement. Use these insights to plan for January, making adjustments to better support employees for the year ahead.

In conclusion, effective HR management during the Christmas season may seem overwhelming, but by ensuring that you have clear communication, flexibility, employee recognition, and a proactive approach to addressing challenges you can tackle this month head on. By fostering a festive and inclusive workplace culture, HR professionals can ensure that employees enjoy a fabulous end to the year while maintaining productivity and engagement … and hopefully whilst also having time for some mulled wine too!

  • HR Katie X pirkx
  • HR Professional

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